Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What constitute "New Clothes"?

I swore off clothes purchases for 2009. I cannot decide whether socks count. I was talking with someone on Saturday who read my blog, and I asked her that question. She said that anything you don't directly see shouldn't count.


  1. I agree totally. Socks, undies and bras are "personal necessity items" to me. If I swore off buying clothes I would probably still buy socks if I needed them.

    The the way I came over to check out your blog from a post of yours on the Yahoo group. You can check out my Coupon Mommie blog too.

  2. And another thing I wanted to mention on "new clothing" purchases. Have you shopped the Habitat homestores? Not sure about Knoxville but Maryville has one and they have used clothes which are WAY better than Goodwill/Salvation places and they are only $1/day.

    Every so often they clear the floor and ship to another thrift place and sell everything for .25 trying to get rid of it. I volunteer there sometimes and most of the stuff is really nice and some has tags on it. They have us trash it if it's not up to certain standards.

    Besides clothing they sell loads of other things too, real cheap. I just picked up .25 boxes of Valentines for my son too so lots of super buys! And everything goes to help build those Habitat Homes!