Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year's Resolution Temptation

One of my 2009 resolutions was to NOT buy any clothes. So far, so good, but I had my first bout with temptation. I am making this blog posting a public declaration that I am not going to succumb, but I wanted to share this great resource for good shopping:

My daughter linked me to a wonderful site,


Petite Wool Bi-Stretch Julie Flare Leg Pants
Reg: $79.00
Now: $19.99


  1. Hi! We're dlighted to hear that you found such a great bargain on Shop It To Me, and that your daughter turned you on to it! We'd love to know more about you --age, occupation, favorite brands, where you'll wear these pants, etc! Email! Thanks!

  2. That is so scary that the first comment is from the site itself. Big Sister is watching you.

    Today, Jan 19, is Robert E Lee's birthday. And Mother's.