Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prescription Drug Couponing

Prescription Drug Couponing? A good thing or a bad way to experience medicine mix-up?

Prescription Drug Users Alert! Both Target and Kmart have great coupons in their Sunday morning newspaper inserts today. Kmart is $30 for two prescriptions (through January 17), and Target is $10 for one (through January 26). The prescriptions have to be either new or transferred.*

I use these coupons. I routinely bounce back and forth from pharmacy to pharmacy so that my prescriptions are considered transfers. Consequently, there is no one pharmacist who has my and my husband's complete records. Many medical consultants would consider this situation as the makings of a time bomb with the potential inappropriate mix of medications. However, what we have going for us is that we get most of prescriptions from one doctor, our primary care physician.

*Food City is winding down its current Fuel Buck/Pharmacy Buck campaign ending January 17. They seem to run this program maybe two times a year. During a given shopping trip, if you buy more than $10 of Food City-brand foods, you get a $1 voucher, which can be used on either Food City gasoline or Food City prescriptions.

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