Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time-the Most Precious Commodity

By nature I am not an organized person, so consequently time management is an ongoing challenge; yet I am fascinated by it. If a person is a good time manager, it's going to impact the bottom line. Less time spent on a task, less money spent on a task.

To get me in the right state of mind to start this blog, during the holidays I walked over to the main library and checked out a dvd of the original "Cheaper by the Dozen." According to Turner Classic Movies, the storyline is about "The ever-fastidious Webbs' attempts to keep the household running efficiently (that) drive this nostalgic comedy/drama," starring "Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy as Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, the proud parents of 12 in early 1900s New England." DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE STEVE MARTIN MOVIE WITH THE SAME NAME!!!

I remember being fascinated with this 1950's movie as a child. It's some forty-five years later, and I still marveled at the efficiency of their household and how every second of work was calculated to its utmost application. It was funny to see them figure out the way to get dressed the fastest way in the morning, etc. One main and hilarious scene was when the dad arranged for all the children to have their tonsils taken out at the same time, a serious time- and cost-cutting measure. Yet viewing this as an adult I was bothered by a significant point of the story that I had totally missed as a child. I don't want to ruin the story, but the family's outcome was impacted by a disregard of long-term financial planning on behalf of the parents.


  1. What is sad right now is that even those folks who have been prudent and saved are going through their savings at a rapid clip.

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