Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KUB Balanced Pay Plan

I just paid my KUB bill. Ugh! It was the second highest that we had had since we moved in this downtown condo. Of course, the highest was 11 months ago. I have not been on balanced pay, so I called today to take advantage of the previous lower months and lock into a regular fixed payment for the next 12 months. KUB's rate increase and the fact that our heating system practically has run constantly for the past five days makes me anticipate that the next one will be a doozy! Yes, that bad boy bill will be averaged into the next 12 months average balance pay, but I live in the present!!! I'll worry about it later!

The same amount that I'll be paying for the next 12 months is 90 percent of what I paid in January. It is likely to be 80 percent of whatever I would be paying in February if I had not gone to the averaged payments. Of course, it'll be 110 percent in March, etc., but our cash flow is better in warmer weather.

Speaking of KUB, please consider helping those who can't pay their bills by adding a dollar or two to your payment every month. This can be automatically billed. Check your bill for information on "Project Help."


  1. We've been on the KUB Balanced Pay Plan for a while. It really helps out with budgeting. Also, I appreciate the fact that if you use more than your bill, you don't have to "settle up" at the end of the year. Imagine my shock when the last time our account was evaluated, our bill went DOWN $10 a month!


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