Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gas War Gone?

I live in the center of Knoxville and routinely pass the Food City at 1950 Western Avenue, which has gasoline, and the Pilot Travel Center right next door at 1826 Western Avenue. Ever since the Food City opened in spring, 2007, the prices of the two stations have jockeyed back and forth almost daily. However, I have noticed that for the past week, the Pilot price has been $1.65 for regular and the Food City has been $1.55. There are always a lot more vehicles at the Pilot than at the Food City.

Perhaps Pilot has realized that it does not have to meet Food City's price to keep its business. They have the convenience-store aspect to drive business. I also understand that many businesses have Pilot charge cards.

Too bad, because I was having fun checking the changing prices out on a daily basis. Of course, my last tank full was "free" because I turned in all my Food City Fuel Bucks before they expired. But my next one will be paid with a Pilot card for which I was the successful bidder at a non-profit benefit auction. Both Food City and Pilot are very community-focused, and we benefit from their support way beyond getting deals at the pump or grocery.

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