Sunday, October 25, 2009

So far, no new clothes in '09

I made a pledge at the beginning of the year to not buy any clothes this year. I have only sort of broken that pledge. I had to put in a third of the cost of a new pair of shoes, the two-thirds being paid with a gift card. I outright bought a new pair of shoes at a store that was closing down. The allure was that I bought them for $20 and they were originally $135. I have worn those shoes once and am seriously thinking of taking them to the resale store. I bought some socks that were on close-out at CVS.

Besides just wanting new clothes, there is another reason why you buy: your clothes become unwearable. When you know you cannot replace the clothes, realizing you need to toss an item becomes a very emotional experience.

I pulled out one of my favorite silk scarves, one that has pulled outfits together for me for years. I have probably worn it for twenty years. It was split right down the middle. My late mother had given it to me, and I thought of her. I got a little weepy.

I was walking home (I live downtown) by myself about 7 p.m.last spring. I had on short boots that had very little give at the ankles. I stepped off the sidewalk and lost my balance, falling and tearing a big hole at the knee. I was very lucky that it was a side street and the car that came right up to me as this happened was going very slow. As he stopped and asked if I needed help, I almost starting crying. Not because it hurt (and it did. Pretty significant bleeding going on.), but because I knew I had ruined a wonderful pair of slacks that I gotten five months before with a gift certificate that someone had given me.

I have some Banana Republic silk pants that have a great chameleon characteristic. I bought them for next to nothing at the resale store because, frankly, they are very out of style. Straight lines with a split at the ankles. But honestly, they go with about 2/3 of what is in my closet. I could never justify dry cleaning them, so I handwash them, and I have spent significant time coaxing spots and stains out. However, the delicate nature of the fabric is showing my work and they are now lighter in a couple of places where I scrubbed harder than I should. I am coming very near to tossing them but can't seem to.

My daughter has lost some weight recently. Maybe she'll bring me some of her too-big clothes. Unfortunately, I would have to lose 20 pounds to get in these too-big clothes.

I better go for a power walk this morning.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Scripps was at our place

Knoxville, Tennessee, is the home of Scripps Networks. Of course it is most economical to stay locally for locations. A couple of years ago an e-mail was sent out seeking downtown condo dwellings. We apparently had a look they could use with exposed brick and high ceilings as they decided to make an image portfolio of our home. Months went by after they did that initial set of photographs, and then last fall they did a Garnier skin treatment commercial here. I wish I had the right equipment to load it on this blog.

The most recent shoot was for a pilot, so I doubt it will be on tv.

Last year my husband was on for about 30 seconds as "the architect friend being consulted" on a DIY episode (for which he was not paid). The stories are run numerous times, and once in a while a long-distance relative or friend will let us know that they saw him.

There is significant short-term sacrifice to having a 20+ crew take over your home-sweet-home, particularly for my husband who now works from our home. Some years ago I was in a piece (I was the aging-issues expert for an info-mercial) that was filmed in a very traditional home. With just a few decorative changes the house could be transformed, so the owners had a lot of work. The owners even got compensated one time with a new gas cooktop. The production companies were filming many kitchen scenes and they wanted a newer look. Yet her teenagers looked restrained in their moving around the house while I was there. Their home was not their own while the crews were on site, and they knew it. It was summer break and they tip-toed into the kitchen and slipped out with their breakfast, to take it back to their bedrooms. No sitting at the kitchen table perusing the morning paper and watching tv!

Inconveniences for which we do get paid.

Some years ago there was a company here called Whittle Communications that printed a lot of ad-type literature. Like Scripps needs homes, they needed people. Our two-year old appeared in a Crest Toothpaste brochure to be displayed at dentists' offices. That was work, too. It was three hours of getting made up (my baby had on mascara and foundation to even her skin tone out!), choosing the right clothes and shooting numerous angles. She got tired and was very confused with much of the goings-on. We never even tried to do another one.

But Scripps, my husband and I are always willing. I hope they call again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Back on the Blog Bus

I pledge to do some active blogging in the short run:

My daughter reminded me that I had made a commitment to "find $5,000 outside my regular income." I'm not even going to go back and determine where I left off, because I realized that there were some ways of making money that I didn't want to share. They weren't illegal. It's just that I was raised not to talk about personal income, so I hit the wall when it came to sharing the more unusual ways that we have been making money. For example, a couple of weeks ago Scripps Networks came and filmed a session in our home. They paid us money. But I think it's bad manners to say how much. However, there was a certain exchange for this payment, most particularly a little disruption of our home as shown in the pictures. I must say, though, that everything was in right order when it was all over. Thanks, Scripps!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slugmama, come on down

Didn't get a response from other person that I named as winner. Slugmama, could you send your mailinginfo to Thanks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Linda is the winner

Linda, please write me at and give me your shipping information. You are the winner. Thanks for participating.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters Giveaway


The folks at Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters have sent me a really neat hiking pack. I was getting inspired watching the national parks series on PBS, so I thought it was interesting that I would get this kit right now.

Of course, it is full of delicious Granola Nut Clusters.

I get to give one of these kits away.

Deadline is Tuesday, October 6, 10 p.m. I'll announce the winner by Thursday, October 8, 10 p.m.

To enter the contest, tell me which is your favorite national park. The Great Smokies Park is exempt, since I live near there.