Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Back on the Blog Bus

I pledge to do some active blogging in the short run:

My daughter reminded me that I had made a commitment to "find $5,000 outside my regular income." I'm not even going to go back and determine where I left off, because I realized that there were some ways of making money that I didn't want to share. They weren't illegal. It's just that I was raised not to talk about personal income, so I hit the wall when it came to sharing the more unusual ways that we have been making money. For example, a couple of weeks ago Scripps Networks came and filmed a session in our home. They paid us money. But I think it's bad manners to say how much. However, there was a certain exchange for this payment, most particularly a little disruption of our home as shown in the pictures. I must say, though, that everything was in right order when it was all over. Thanks, Scripps!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, now you can't just leave us hanging and say Scripps Network was at your house filming!
    Details, woman, details. lol