Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters Giveaway


The folks at Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters have sent me a really neat hiking pack. I was getting inspired watching the national parks series on PBS, so I thought it was interesting that I would get this kit right now.

Of course, it is full of delicious Granola Nut Clusters.

I get to give one of these kits away.

Deadline is Tuesday, October 6, 10 p.m. I'll announce the winner by Thursday, October 8, 10 p.m.

To enter the contest, tell me which is your favorite national park. The Great Smokies Park is exempt, since I live near there.


  1. The Smokies are awesome but I'd have to say Acadia National Park in Maine. If you ever get up there to visit it, be sure and check out the Schoodic Point part of the Park. It's separated on a peninsula from the main part of the Park, which is on an island. Many people don't get to the Schoodic Peninsula part as it's further away, but it's the prettiest part of the park and less people means more natural. I'd love to see it in the winter but unless you live nearby, it's difficult to get there in the winter(driving, that is).lol

  2. Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is an educational and exciting place to visit, the longest cave in the world. I did not have to be thrown about on rides at a fair to be totally terrifed--this cave was wonderfully frightening. We walked along some very dangerous paths carrying an oil lantern to light our way. The vastness was bewildering. In order to entertain us the guide told us that what we stood on was once the ceiling now fallen down. He laughed and commented that we would have a very cheap funeral if the ceiling fell on us this particular day. Cave humor? The guide turned off the lights and we experienced TOTAL darkness for a few seconds, way too long for me. At one time the cave was used to house TB patients as the medical community in this place thought fresh air was harmful but cave vapors had restorative properties. I highly recommend this park for a family outing, or any outing occassion.