Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Those ------ traffic cameras

To me, Summit Hill crossing Henley used to be just a street. Now I approach it, sometimes twice daily, with teeth clinched and hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. I fear the camera.

Twice I have slammed on the brakes. Unfortunately my husband was in the car and . . ., well let's just say he would NOT have slammed on the brakes.

So far no greeting from the city has come in my mailbox. I have known numerous people how have gotten these tickets. Most of them are turning right on red with stopping. Come on! One of them was at 6:10 a.m. with no other car in sight.

$50 is a significant pop to a budget. Avoid the ticket. Stop on red, count to five and then turn.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Save the Gvt. some money: Fill in the Census Form

If everyone completed their Census form and sent it in, just think how many fewer workers the government would have to hire to come knocking on those non-compliants' doors next month!

The form is very simple, but it is very important to me as a citizen and in my professional position. First off, as an American I am duty-bound to participate. Secondly, census numbers ultimately impact the funding that goes to my agency, which is heavily federally-funded.

However, we know that many people will either throw away the census form or lose it before it gets filled in and sent, so those throngs of short-term employed will be calling on people in the near future. I know that many of these census workers need these jobs, so this will alleviate some of their financial woes, if just for a little bit.