Sunday, October 25, 2009

So far, no new clothes in '09

I made a pledge at the beginning of the year to not buy any clothes this year. I have only sort of broken that pledge. I had to put in a third of the cost of a new pair of shoes, the two-thirds being paid with a gift card. I outright bought a new pair of shoes at a store that was closing down. The allure was that I bought them for $20 and they were originally $135. I have worn those shoes once and am seriously thinking of taking them to the resale store. I bought some socks that were on close-out at CVS.

Besides just wanting new clothes, there is another reason why you buy: your clothes become unwearable. When you know you cannot replace the clothes, realizing you need to toss an item becomes a very emotional experience.

I pulled out one of my favorite silk scarves, one that has pulled outfits together for me for years. I have probably worn it for twenty years. It was split right down the middle. My late mother had given it to me, and I thought of her. I got a little weepy.

I was walking home (I live downtown) by myself about 7 p.m.last spring. I had on short boots that had very little give at the ankles. I stepped off the sidewalk and lost my balance, falling and tearing a big hole at the knee. I was very lucky that it was a side street and the car that came right up to me as this happened was going very slow. As he stopped and asked if I needed help, I almost starting crying. Not because it hurt (and it did. Pretty significant bleeding going on.), but because I knew I had ruined a wonderful pair of slacks that I gotten five months before with a gift certificate that someone had given me.

I have some Banana Republic silk pants that have a great chameleon characteristic. I bought them for next to nothing at the resale store because, frankly, they are very out of style. Straight lines with a split at the ankles. But honestly, they go with about 2/3 of what is in my closet. I could never justify dry cleaning them, so I handwash them, and I have spent significant time coaxing spots and stains out. However, the delicate nature of the fabric is showing my work and they are now lighter in a couple of places where I scrubbed harder than I should. I am coming very near to tossing them but can't seem to.

My daughter has lost some weight recently. Maybe she'll bring me some of her too-big clothes. Unfortunately, I would have to lose 20 pounds to get in these too-big clothes.

I better go for a power walk this morning.

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