Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reusuable Bags--actually remembering to pull them out of my purse!

Resolution Number 1: USE THOSE REUSUABLE BAGS!!!

I have two nylon bags, the wonderful kind that have their own packets into which they fold. I have thick rubber-banded them together so that with one probe into the abyss of my purse I can find them both.

At the grocery store, typically my brain gets triggered to use them about the time I'm swiping my debit card. In that nanosecond of downtime that follows, I glance over to see the bagger. Dang! He/she's on the fifth plastic bag. He/she has averaged about four items per bag, except with the milk (the gallon size with its own handle) which gets its own bag. Of course, I could ask him/her to rebag them, but that is not a good idea on two counts: I would be slowing down the line; and suggesting that the next shopper use my discards would not be appropriate.

SO, I resolve to remember to use the bags. I'm going to put a thin rubberband around the store's swipe cards to remind me to pull them out. (Kind of like tying a piece of string around one's finger.) Hopefully, about the time the rubberbands decide to break, I'll have a habit established.

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