Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lucky You! Your children's clothes could be YOURS someday!

In a previous entry I wrote about my exercising. While some fellow spinners have proper bicycling shorts, I cannot see myself in them. My acquaintances look just fine, but I just cannot imagine the same results if I pulled on those skin-tights. Instead I am just perfectly content with the very ancient soccer shorts that I wear.

I never played soccer. All the soccer shorts that I wear to class were initially bought for my son. He didn't play much soccer himself, but as a kid he wore soccer shorts all the time during warm weather. At some point during his elementary years, he and I wore the same pant size. As he continued to grow, I diverted his shorts from the Goodwill pile and into my drawer to wear gardening. Even the gardening is now out of my picture because I live in a condominium, but the shorts wear on and on.

I recycled my daughter's clothing items, too, including her shoes. During her 12th year I determined that she and I had the same shoe size. My daughter really likes clothes and fashion, so I thought I'd give her a treat. She and I went together to the mall and bought a couple more pairs of shoes that season than she would normally have gotten, and they were a bit better quality. Why? Because I knew that when she moved on to a bigger size, I could claim these shoes as my own. And I did. For one season she had more shoes than she was used to; and thirteen years later after a few new heels, I just threw the last pair away.

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  1. This is a real hoot. I am even now wearing my guys soccer socks, as they are wonderfully warm on these subzero days in Minnesota. Alas I was never ab le to wear their pants, but I have a tee shirt or two that I thought were " groovy" and they considered "nerdy".