Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As I said, I live downtown. A lot of our loft-y neighbors have pared down to one car. We can't because both of us need our vehicles in our respective jobs. However, I am very fortunate because I make a two-mile beeline to my job from my home.

And fortunately my drive takes me right by my credit union . . .

which gives me a double daily dose of yet another economic indicator.

There is an increasing number of vehicles in the front lot for sale. Repossessed cars. While my friends have, by choice, eliminated their vehicles, of course the former owners of these vehicles had their choice taken away from them. One, ironically, is a Hyundai; and Hyundai now has a program where they will take your car back if you lose your job.

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  1. Maybe I should send my kids down for some priced right cars.