Monday, March 2, 2009

Hair Deal

Hair: for a mid-fifties year-old woman who has made the decision not to go gray, expenses relating to upkeep can be dear, so for some years I went CHEAP, NOT thrifty.

For some time I colored my own hair and got my hair cut at one of the strip mall facilities. When I finally decided to upgrade, the hair stylist remarked that my hair reminded her of cotton candy as it was so dry due to overuse of peroxide, and the cut was rather stumpy.

This is NOT the person who I am going to now. I have NEVER heard a mean-spirited word from my current stylist, Tabby Davis at Barnes & Barnes on Market Square. Getting your hair done should be a positive experience, and Tabby delivers. And my hair looks WAAAAY better!

Does this sound like an advertisement? It is! And while her prices are very competitive, Tabby has promised a discount for some of the first service to anyone who I send her way.

As a downtown resident, I had decided to support as many downtown merchants as I could, so I just walked into Salon Barnes & Barnes, and I was set up with Tabby. One of the best moves I have made lately.

Interested? Check out their website or call 637-5149 (closed Mondays) and tell Tabby that Thrifty sent you.

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