Saturday, March 14, 2009

Couponing Correction

I am so excited! Please see the response to my last entry. Thanks, J! (who maintains I have had a major heart change on the getting-with-coupons-stuff-you-don't-use-personally issue.

Getting into couponing is reminding me a lot of my faith journey. When I first had a true change of heart through which I realized where I was going after this world, I was all excited; but I was SOOO unschooled and unskilled that it was best to be very careful in sharing my newfound awareness.

Just like couponing.

As a toddler only thinks about where he is going and might knock some things down in getting there, my comments were short-sighted in that I hadn't gotten beyond thinking about me and my immediate needs. That is why the response to the March 9 blog is so important.

My change of heart is that now I will be thinking of others when I put together deals. Homebound, homeless, unemployed. There are a lot needs out there. I can help a little. I can donate a few tubes of toothpaste, a few rolls of toilet paper, and maybe even a bottle of bodywash once in a while.

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  1. I'm glad I changed your perspective just a little.

    You should also read my post about What Luxuries Do You Have To Share. It goes right along with donating stuff. This might be a tear jerker.