Monday, March 9, 2009

Couponing Gone Wild

I have a new obsession. I cannot get enough of the coupon and savings blogs. I open one, and it has links that lead to others, which lead to others. Of course, all these bloggers across these great United States are nameless and faceless to me.

While this is not a scientific analysis, I believe that the typical profile is the at-home mom. Huggies diapers seem to be a big focus of the on-line chatter, something that makes me feel a bit alienated. Ronald Reagan was in the White House the last time I bought diapers.

I am impressed by the number of items that these people get FREE, but there are a lot of things which do not appeal to me. I DON'T want or need free Irish Spring Body Wash that you can get at Walgreens this week, a biggy that has been noted in at least five blogs I have read this morning. (I am a good old bar soap user. If I happen to crack open a body wash bottle at a hotel, I bring the rest home and use it to wash hand-washables.) I don't need the scent devices that seem to be free with a little planning. If I want to make things smell nice here in the condo, I light up the candles that I bought from one of my Bible study buddies who was selling them on behalf of her son's band.

Yet there are a lot of bargains that are helping our bottom line: essentially free toothpaste, deoderant, very reasonable cost of frozen pizza. I'm having fun and saving money.

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  1. Marie, it's Jennifer (Coupon Mommie). You should have also noticed that alot of these women are big into donating too and make some purchases for the sole point of them being moneymakers.

    So maybe those cheap diapers weren't for you or the FREE body wash but they would be great donation items or just for making gift baskets.

    I did a deal for the Scent & Spray at Wags and it was a $4 profit that I did 3 times so I ended up with $16 in RRs from overage alone by using my coupons effectively. Now I'm only up to about 8 dozen various scent products in my closet. But they were either all FREE or moneymakers.

    So I hope I changed your outlook just a little. And, hey, while you're at it. Support my site by using the links that I put up. :)Cheese:)