Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little More Money AND the Healthy Living Fair

I am trying to find $5,294 (see Jan 2, 2011 post)

Still to go $5,191.61

Last week's CVS extra care bucks $9.50
coupon on salsa 1.00
Free chips coupon 2.00
Earth Fare Coupon from Healthy Living 5.00
Free Coke 12 pack 2.50
CVS gift certificate from MyPoints 25.00
total 45.00

Still to go $5,146.61

(I forgot to track the week before's coupons. oops.)

The Healthy Living Fair was held at the Knoxville Convention Center January 21 and 22. This is probably the fourth or fifth year they have held it. 2010's event was plagued with icy weather. There also seemed to be fewer vendors. 2011 was a great event. The weather was cooperative, so there were a lot more people checking out what seemed to be a lot more vendors. They were very fortunate because a couple of the Biggest Losers stars happen to be from Knoxville, and they were there.

I got in free because my health club, CourtSouth, was a sponsor; so they had free tickets at the club. However, I figure they were giving out a lot of tickets because I didn't see anyone buying tickets when I arrived.

The Convention Center is about a half mile from where I live, so I walked.

There was a $5 coupon to Earth Fare in the magazine they gave away as well. It has no expiration date on it. I'm wondering how long they will honor them.

The most impressive occurrence was the demonstrators on the main stage. There were a number of health-focused outfits, such as dance clubs,represented. The "performers" weren't professionals by any means. In fact, many of them would be considered on the heavy side. But their willingness to show the public that exercise can be fun and beneficial was inspiring.

Remember: the number one way, America, to save money is to keep well. Exercise supports good physical and mental health!!!

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