Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer Vacation Planning Time!! is our favorite place to choose a vacation spot (ok, ok, full disclosure. We have a house listed on VRBO). Was I so THRILLED when I pulled up our site to check our rentals and my system first directed me to upromise, which I have preloaded on my computer.

If you don't shop through one of these pass through services and you are an active online shopper, you are losing out on significant $$$$. The ones that I use are upromise and mypoints. There are lots more others.

Upromise was originally set up to save for college, but you can periodically cash out your accumulated earnings for yourself. For example, if you go to upromise and then to vrbo, you'll get 8 percent deposited in your upromise account on a paid for vacation. Can you imagine 8 percent of a week's vacation? real money!!!

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  1. This info is helpful my book club is thinking of a major trip in 2012 to celebrate our 21st year together.