Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time Wasted in Cyberspace

I was in meetings all last week and all this week. There were no more than 20 people in the room, so it wasn't like you could get away with checking your phone during the meetings; but as soon as we took a break, everyone went into their own phone zone. It made me think of times gone by . . . .

There was a time you could smoke anywhere (reference Mad Men) and the time most people still smoked and then the practice started where you could go outside with all your buddies and stand around in the cold for a few minutes while you dragged on your cigarettes. Yes, during meeting breaks we all rushed outside in a pack. I feel for those few who still smoke. The smoking break used to be a real social event. I am assuming that it isn't anymore. (yes, I am a stereotypical babyboomer--smoked until my late 20's, then once in a while bought a pack, but the thought of smoking now makes me shudder.)

The rush to get on the phone reminds me of the rush to get the cigarette lit.

So much time can be wasted in cyberspace. I let my personal e-mail pile up this week, so I have just spent two hours catching up to last Sunday. My inbox still could be referred to as littered.

I need to weed! The first thing, appropriately for weeding, was a garden center that sends me notices. I have been in a condo for four years. Why do I need garden centers notifying me?

It will take some discipline, but I am going to unsubscribe to something EVERY TIME I get on-line. ugh.

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