Saturday, April 3, 2010

For us, the "happenin' now" is the Dogwood Arts Festival

If you haven't noticed or if you have not paid much attention to the Dogwood Arts Festival recently, give it another look. It is really turning into something wonderful.

My husband and I have an appreciation for the performing arts, but we are visual arts people; so I will speak to that part of the Dogwood Arts Festival. We live on Gay Street, and one afternoon last week my husband called me, very excited, when "our piece" had just been installed right outside our entrance. Isaac Duncan, Jr.'s "Threaded" is beautiful, just as are all the pieces throughout downtown, as part of the Dogwood Arts "Art in Public Places" program.

We have Marty and Jim Begalla to thank for their sponsorship of this display. I am so appreciative of individuals, who are in the position to support such endeavors, who unselfishly give in ways that make all our lives better. Their sponsorship is a true gift to residents and visitors of this city. Please take the time to enjoy downtown Knoxville and take in the "big art." This is a Thrifty-and-Proud-of-It endorsement, because the experience of looking at art in public places is free. FYI to all your thrifters, parking in city garages is free in the evenings and on the weekends.

Another component of the DAF arts offerings (free also!) is Joe Parrott's show at the News Sentinel building. The News Sentinel built some very nice gallery space in their relatively new facility, and they routinely have "good stuff" there. I am very partial to Joe's work; and while I must confess that I have not gotten up there yet, I definitely will. For us who have lived around here for a while, Joe's work will take us down Memory Lane. This emphasis on the subject matter should not diminish the experience of taking in his impressionistic style.

Check out There is so much going on!!

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