Thursday, January 5, 2012

An "Eating the Elephant" Activity

You have heard the old saying, "How do you eat an elephant?" with the response being "One bite at a time." This anticipated shopping drop-by, which I'll incorporate in a periodic trip to the west of our city, is not a super-crazed couponing extreme experience but simply a bite of the elephant.

One thing I'll be doing this weekend is going Earth Fare in Bearden. They have a free first pound of apples with a $5 purchase. They e-mail you a notice after you sign up. But I wouldn't be doing it if I hadn't gotten a $5 off $20 coupon from Ace Hardware next door.

Ace also has a rewards program. For 2,500 points, we will get another $5 reward. I think it is going to be a while, because the coupon attachment noted our point total at 104. Check out

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