Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Great Weekend--Festivals AND Fairs

Yesterday I wrote about two great fairs in Knoxville--We have two wonderful cultural festivals as well.

The Hola Festival is celebrating its 11th year. It is ALL THINGS LATINO! It has been great to see this event mature into a wonderful presentation of cultures. I believe I was at a pre-Hola Festival at Pellissippi State where it was basically national displays. I have to admit that my husband and I slip over right as the evening activities get going. You can anticipate the fun as you read the website description: "The Passport activity, Heritage Tables and Children’s Section will be closing at 6:00 p.m. From 6:00 to 8:00 we will be gathering around the main stage at the Viaduct to dance to fun, live music! Come to either learn or show off your salsa moves! A fun way for the whole family to celebrate." But I am intrigued by the "after party" noted on the map in the Old City. I wonder what that is about.

Check it out:

And then there is venerable Greek Fest in its 32nd year of celebrating. I love the Greeks, and it is a must see and do for everyone.

But even before our Knoxville Greek Fest had gotten started, I already knew how much fun Greeks can have. My junior/senior high school boy friend is Greek.

The first date he asked me out was for a church fundraiser. hmm, didn't sound like what I would consider an appropriate first date. It was the most unique first date that I have ever had, for sure. He picked me up and we went over to the church hall before the event really got started. It turned out that he had an assignment, and he picked up a couple of his buddies to go along. It seems that we were responsible for picking up the entertainment for the evening--a belly dancer. (Note: this was not in Knoxville.) She was exotic, all right--all the way from Philadelphia. I doubt that in 1970 there were many belly dancers in the South.

During the performance all of the females had to sit in the back along the wall. This was not how I would have anticipated meeting my date's mother, aunts, girl cousin, etc., etc., etc. All the men sat around the perimeter of her dance area. I recall that a lot of money was raised.

Afterwards there was dancing and more dancing. Great food, great fun! I recalled these fond memories when we got to visit Greece a few years ago.

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