Monday, August 10, 2009

Knox County Schools Coupon Book

LESS THAN THREE WEEKS before this year's coupon book expires. I am always sad during the time between the book expires and the new one comes out. I use some of the coupons, certainly much more than to recoup the $10 cost; but thumbing through the coupon book is my favorite past-time when I get held up at railroad crossings.

I got another book just a few weeks ago from a Freecycler, and she didn't use my favorites. I am happy. I'm probably going to use some in the next few weeks simply because they are about to expire (this is probably a big no-no for couponistas.) One I'm thinking about is for getting six Chick-fil-A minis for the price of three. I'll think I'll saunter down to the location in the First Tennessee Plaza building this week. I hope they don't remember me when I came in "dressed like a cow" on Cow Appreciation Day. I really didn't do a good job.

I ran into Mary K., who oversees the production of the book, a few weeks ago at the doctor's. (Don't worry, our appointments were check-ups for both of us.) She was in good spirits because she had just sent the book off to the printer that we'll get to buy this fall. She is certainly passionate about the coupon book, but she is even more passionate about providing these extra funds for the schools. I encourage you to buy a book or two even if your children don't go to public schools. Quality public schools are good for us all!

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