Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Facebook--what's it all about anyway?

I told a colleague at work today that I am not mean enough to be really funny in this blog. I am not mean enough to be effective about a lot of things. However, I am going to write something that might hurt a few feelings-- Facebookers of this world, please review and re-review what you are posting.

Do you really like your friends? If so, do you want them to spend some of their hard-earned time reading your streams-of-consciousness? Let me suggest this: type out your comment, edit it a few times,and then erase it. Yeah, it kind of is like the scene in Sex and the City when Cary was in California and an old friend consumed a whole steak right in front of her--bite by bite, one by one of which he deposited in his napkin. Had to watch his weight.

There--I have said it. Facebookers, please be thrifty with your postings. Thank you. Those who feel as I do--perhaps we can change the world one Facebooker at a time.

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  1. Oh no, came here after just posting on Facebook a rant against Brett Favre and a list of 15 plus movies that have stuck with me.In my defense, I have not really posted for days, but did have something to say. Wonder who is deleting me as a friend after this last straw (as I have deleted others).ll Seriously, this is a very good point which wi not be heard by your true stream of consciousness persons.