Monday, June 29, 2009

Ya Snooze, Ya Lose

Glidden Paint had proposed to give away one quart of paint per person during a week or until they ran out.

They ran out in two days. No surprise to anyone, I am sure.

Before I knew they ran out I came up with this fantastic plan to put the paint to a good use.

Since we moved in late '07, I'm not in the personal painting mood; so I called around to find some needy painter person. It turns out that my daughter's boyfriend is getting ready to paint his condo. The plan was to have a bunch of people order the same color so that he would paint his place with free paint.

This little scheme took way too much time to develop before the opportunity was gone.

But I'll be ready for the next great paint giveaway (What? You don't think there will another paint giveaway soon? I'll never score on paint!!!).

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