Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impulse? Shopping Rewarded

Since I have decided to not buy anything in 2009 (I already blew that by adding less than $5 cash to a gift certificate to buy a pair of desperately-needed brown heels), any purchase feels like an impulse. I fell to temptation in April when I was in Memphis, but it was a special situation.

We were downtown and came upon this wonderful little boutique, but they had obviously had a going-out-of-business paaatee the night before. There were lots of beer and wine bottles open around, evidence of snack food; but right in the middle were the remnants of what was left of the inventory. They were practically giving it away. I found these shoes. They were so funky but they fit like gloves. Wow. I asked how much. "$20." I looked at the box, and they were originally $135. Sold!

I finally got the courage to wear them for the first time yesterday. Got three compliments. Good purchase.

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  1. Ah...the perfect accessory for the World War II nurse costume for next Halloween.