Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow: Forced Changes in Plans Open Pockets of Time

This morning we had a very wet snow here in Knoxville. Around 10 a.m. the downpour got very white and very THICK, and the temperature was right on 32 degrees.

And so the cancellations started.

Plans changed. Hours set aside for meetings opened up. This presented a great opportunity to take advantage of capturing that most valuable commodity: time. To many of those who are "thrifty with their time" and use it wisely, this was a great opportunity.

I am not a seasoned driver in the snow and ice. Authorities are warning about the slush-turned-to-black ice and asking people to wait until the sun comes up to get out tomorrow, so I'll be missing my morning workout. However, since I am a morning person I can do some significant work on some coupon filing I haven't done.

I anticipate to write much more on couponing in later blogs. I am slowly learning this fine art from some local masters. Discipline, determination, patience and persistence--never did I think that I would use these words in describing couponing, but apparently it works to realize great savings (and it's fun!).


  1. Hey Thrifty! I'm stopping in from our Yahoo group to check you out!

    The snow was nice while it lasted here. I was lucky enough to have my dad get off work about the same time school was called off so he picked my son up for me. Thank goodness because my car is broken and we don't have telephones or tv so I was clueless!

    But boy...was my son ever excited to come home! LOL. And he tried his hardest for a snowman too which only ended up about 2 foot tall. heehee

  2. I remember those snow days fondly, as I sit here in Minneapolis where it is -3 degrees at 9:30 AM.
    I do not remember thinking it was a great opportunity to do anything useful. It was a great time to curl up with a book.But...time is an important and non replaceable event. I think about that when I stand in front of the microwave, waiting for my tea to heat. Another 2 minutes gone...