Saturday, July 13, 2013

Couponing IS a great hobby--try it.

Recently our new web overseer at work decided to make our website a little more personal.  We were instructed to write a little bit about ourselves, including listing our hobbies. It made me realize how boring my life must seem to others.  I play no sports anymore. I do no handwork anymore. We used to collect art but don't anymore.  I read a little, thanks to my belonging to a book club. What I spend most of my non-work, non-social time is doing money-saving stuff.  THAT is my hobby, so I listed it on my personal description page on my work website.

Some years back I thought a good gift to my niece/bride would be to have all her bridesmaids and close friends share bits of wisdom. Included in the invitation to a pre-nuptual luncheon was a card to write the advice.  I intended to have these cards intermixed with photos in a scrapbook and present it to the bride. I had a good connection for scrapbooking with an acquaintance near my home.

After the wedding I went over to my scrapbooking friend's house, unloaded all the cards and photos and asked her when she would have the book ready.

She did not speak.

She then slowly explained to me that I was supposed to put the book together.  Oh, no, no, no--you don't understand, I tried to explain to her. I do not have the time nor talent to make this the masterpiece that it needs to be. 

She slowly explained that it was not her responsibility to put the book together.  period.

She sold me a book and the related materials.

I actually did put the book together.  But I didn't want to.  It was not in my skill set, so it was not fun. 

Fast forward to couponing.  For me, couponing IS fun.  I love it as a hobby.  It requires no artistic talent, no sense of good layout.  It just requires diligence and time.  It fits me because I am too cheap at this point to invest in whatever might be needed for a real hobby such as a sport.
Ironic that THIS is my coupon book.

For me, a coupon success -- such as using a coupon on a sale item and paying for it with an earned gift card -- gives me the same high as I used to get on the tennis court when I hit a good shot.   

Except I am not sweating.   And I didn't have to buy the tennis clothes.  And I didn't have to buy a racquet.  And I didn't have to have the racquet strung.  And I didn't have to pay the club dues. Yes, at this stage of my life I just don't like spending money if I don't have to.   I did not even spend money on a notebook--I used one I found in some closet.  The notebook is from a bank that went under here in our area, and I often chuckle when I think about this book's final use.


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