Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reward Points Do Add Up

Recently as we visited with some friends we found ourselves in the kitchen.  It was crowded but I happened to look over at the counter and spied a couple of Coke 12-packs.  They had been opened, a few cans had been taken, but what got my attention was that the cartons were intact--the code tabs were still attached!  I slipped toward the counter, ripped off one of the tabs and showed it to my hostess.  I asked her it she collected them, to which the anticipated no came.  Our conversation drew the attention of everyone surrounding us, so I had an audience to educate. I explained reward points.  One person already knew of my commitment to point redemption and had long been giving me his Coke points, so he provided an affirmation.  Another person chimed in and asked me why was I not the one writing the column in the News Sentinel.  I was honored to be compared to Coupon Katie, who not only is a great saver but uses great social networking skills to share her information.

What did I teach?  

1.  I do not go for the tangible goods.  They typically need more reward points and are probably not things that you really need.  I go for food.  

Coke -- 250 points for a 12-pack
Lean Cuisine -- 500 points for a Lean Cuisine meal
Kellogg -- this is new to me, but I see a high-value $1.50 coupon off for Cheez-its for 100 points.

2.  Many of your friends do not want to go through the trouble of redeeming the points, but they might be willing to save the points for you.  Be appreciative and grateful.  

Here are some coupons:  FEATURED COUPONS

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$2.00 off ONE Pampers Baby Dry Diapers


$1.00 off Minute Maid Juice Box 10-pk


$1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Jingos!™ crackers


SAVE $1.00 On any ONE (1) package of Angel Soft® Bath Tissue 12-Double Roll or larger

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