Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Savings Here, A Little Savings There . . .

The stuff that makes couponers heart beat fast:

Monday I went to CVS.  The first thing that a veteran couponer does is go to the kiosk, scan her/his card and voila -- a coupon OR coupons!  I had a quarterly reward coupon to come out worth $2, but I also got a $4 for $20 worth of facial products.  Whoo-hoo.   I could apply a $3 coupon from the Procter Gamble circular from Sunday, and if I buy $30 more of products, I can submit for a $10 rebate on the Olay.  I have another $3 coupon from another Procter & Gamble circular (I love my non-couponing neighbors who give me their coupons!)  soooo, basically that means:
Purchase of facial products                                              $30
Kiosk Coupon                                                                   -4
Procter & Gamble Newspaper insert                                  -3
Procter & Gamble Newspaper insert                                  -3
Rebate                                                                            -10
Net pay on $30 worth of "facial product"                         $10
and to consider that this $30 is part of a $50 that I need to spend in order to get $5 credit from purchasing  $50 worth of beauty products                                        -   3
                                                                                     $   7

Yeah, it wouldn't make "Extreme Couponers," but I am thinking it's pretty dang good to get $30 worth of facial product for $7--a 77 percent savings OF STUFF THAT I WILL USE!!!

Onward to the finding the $5,291
(Please note that I only list this when I apply the coupon or cash the rebate, so some of the detailing above is not reflected below)

Last balance                                                                   5,231.00
CVS coupons and buy one/get one free 7/2                       -28.92
Walgreens savings & coupons  7/3                                     - 3.25
CVS buy one/get one free & coupons 7/3                         -14.24

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