Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Work or Not To Work

Coming from a family with strong single women, finding a husband would be a plus but not a requirement. If I did so find a spouse, the anticipated path would be to graduate from college, work until the babies come and then complement my husband's career with whatever I was doing at home and provide an increased enrichment experience for our children.

Well, I did find the husband in college. We married before I finished, and we will be celebrating our 37th anniversary in December. I did stay home after baby number 1, but I needed a breather.
More about that in a future blog.

If you have never experienced staying at home with infants and toddlers, believe everything you read about it. It is challenging, it is frustrating, it is sometimes lonely, yet it is satisfying and gratifying beyond words. However, there is something in the self of the typical American woman that craves production. Hence the popularity of mommy-blogging, of which I suppose I am technically a part.

In today's Wall Street Journal insert in the Knoxville News Sentinel, columnist Katherine Rosman writes about having to leave her children to present to a mommy-blog convention. I see great irony in this.

Please check it out:

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