Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I signed up for U-Promise at least eight years ago. The main way that U-Promise makes its money is that it facilitates bonuses from purchases to be deposited into a 529 account for college.

I am not the best member of U-Promise, because I don't buy much stuff on-line. Instead of my account balance leaping ahead with major on-line purchases, it moves forward at the rate of a glacier (before global warming). Most of my credits are $.02/.04 here or there from one percent on my orange juice or window cleaner purchase. Once in a while it lurches ahead as one receives up to eight percent on some restaurant purchases, and there are a few registered that are downtown. I tried to sign up my daughter as a friend/contributor, but somehow that hasn't worked. (I am sure that it is a matter of tweaking it, but whoever remembers when she is in town?)

The main source of credit I deposit is through participating in an affiliate survey program, E-rewards. I make a whopping $2 on average for a survey. Those do add up.

Also, I am out of the college-funding business. If my two 20-somethings want to go back to school, it's on their dime.

So why do I participate? It's a passive participation. I'm already signed up, so when I just happen to make a purchase of a U-promise partner, I get credit.

BUT BUT BUT the best reason is that I don't really have to put the money into a 529 account. I can cash it out. Under the option "Redemption is easy," I follow the "get check for college expenses." These cash-outs are distributed quarterly. I am looking forward to a $75 check in the next cycle. REAL money!

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  1. And Bunny Bunny wants to pay you to go to college & eat their Ice Cream right now. LOL